what we offer

1. Teaching and Training Seminars

      a.  Discipleship Training Seminar (DTS)

      b.  2:7 Intensive Seminar 

2. Materials that are proven regardless of culture, language or context. 

3. Coaching for Pastors and Leaders 

Where To Start


The Discipleship Training Seminar is a great way to challenge and encourage people to grow spiritually.  It can be presented in two different contexts:

A. North American Version 

  • This version of the DTS is specifically designed for the local church in the U.S. and Canada in a 1 day format. 
  • This is a great way to give everyone a “spiritual tune-up” and stir up a desire to grow. 
  • It often inspires home-group/bible study leaders to walk away more focussed on the goal of spiritual growth. 
  • It’s simple and easy to book a DTS and promote it for the local church.

B. Anywhere in the World 

  • The Pastor Training Version 
  • This DTS version is designed to train pastors and leaders. It is done best over a 2 or 3 day period. 
  • We don’t charge money for people to attend. 
  • One of the reasons this training experience is so dynamic is because it is pastors training pastors. 
  • To see how pastors have been impacted by the DTS, see the Endorsements section as well as my own experience in the “My Story” section. 

Sample of topics covered:

  1. Becoming a Powerful Gospel Presenter
  2. A Practical Theology of the Gospel 
  3. 5 Types of People in Church and the 4 Stages of Spiritual Growth
  4. What is a Disciple?
  5. Stepping Stones to Growth 
  6. Roadblocks to Growth
  7. The ONE Thing that is Non Negotiable
  8. It’s Not About Numbers - It’s All About Numbers 
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